Free Way

Oita, Japan is our home away from home… and our friends at Free Way are like family.

Article - Custom Front.

English version….

Founded in 1986. In the early days when there were only a few Harley shops in Japan, the "Freeway" was raised in Oita. It is an old war of history that has strongly supported Kyushu's freaks, with custom bikes that make it possible to feel the warmth of the builders and mechanical technology that can not be achieved by machining alone.

The representative Mizutani got the bike after high school graduation, but everyone says that it was kicking when they left the bike and brought out an interest in the car. He hates flocking from an early age, loves the loneliness, then leaves the bike for a while and goes on the music path, and moves to Tokyo alone. However, the dirty world of the music world went back to the local Oita three years later, and the store started.

At the time, though it started by completely self-taught, there is also the support of the advanced people who care about something, and its awareness spreads gradually. And someday, the name of "Freeway" will be escaping from Kyushu to the whole country, supporting the height of sensitivity to customs and technology that continues to evolve... full article. 

AVANT, France.

The bi-annual magazine that celebrate the history of vintage clothing in the past, present and future. First issue comes out next month! The magazine features endless amazing stories, interviews and still-life pictures never-seen before. Stories and interviews of AVANT magazine are narrated by a core of passionate, creative contributors who stand for the same values : craftsmanship, lifestyle and heritage.

  • Editor-founder Eric Maggiori

Black Bear Brand, France

the Black Bear Brand ghost sign in Sulton Wash.

Sultan Wash. played an important role in the building of the Burlington Northern Railroad.  During the railroad construction Sultan was a key supply station and then grew into prosperous logging town. 

The United States first became a carnival of signs around the end of the 19th century, when advertising took hold like never before. Back then, there were no rules about signs–where or how big they could be, or how much valuable wall space they were allowed to take up. Commercial buildings, barns, depots, grain silos: any place people gathered or traveled past (by train or buggy or, a little later, by auto) was fair game. 

the... Annual Notebook for 2019.

the... Annual Notebook for 2019. Hail Mary Magazine - Japan Formation Book for Mr. Untouchable (edition). ***a fun note on the pic: its a iPhone pic taken by a friend when I met them at their shop after riding 100+ miles on a brisk Dec. evening (1948 Panhead).

the... Annual Notebook for 2019.

Black Bear Brand & Langlitz Leathers with Horween Tannery

A celebration of the iconic leather jacket... a collision of America’s best. 
A pure curation of excellence.

Handmade to order by Langlitz in Portland just as it was since 1947.
Horsehide by Horween Leather Co.; who’s been producing the finest leather since 1905 in Chicago.
Designed and curated - Black Bear Brand.

*** Each jacket will be custom made to order.

Horween Tannery - Chicago, IL

Horween Tannery - Chicago, IL

Keynote for Fall

1949 Black Bear wool shirts AD! Keynote for Fall... Black Bear Brand- The new and old colliding in a quest to elevate what we do. A love for the Americana, the old ways, its strong influence on style. The resurrection story has just begun.

2 week whirlwind tour of Japan!

These two amazing weeks started with being a guest of Wokini Studio at the Clutch Collection Show in Tokyo.

after the show...

*** Typhoon in Oita followed by riding motorcycles to Aso volcano; one of the world's most active volcanoes.

*** Touring Kobe on a 70 yr. old Panhead and visiting the hilltop Japanese castle complex Himeji Castle (姫路城 Himeji-jō).

*** Back to Tokyo for a day with Tokyo's own Mr. Boots Man... Fukurokuju. A day of boots, bikes, and lots of laughs with a new dear friend and a master of boots! Takeshi Okuyama...

More on the above coming soon.